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Inception is one helluva concentration-intensive edge-of-your-seat type movie. However, this blog is not your run of the mill list of of things I did each day types – so why blog about a movie, you ask?

Well, at the end of the movie I had a little discussion, and my take was that it really was not all that confusing, if you thought of it in terms of recursion. Add a couple of weeks and a little inspiration from another discussion thread, plus several years of reading XKCD; and voila I drew a comic. Enjoy.

Yes, the woman's height is indeed in need of an invariant


Was reading some old XKCD, and I came across this one:

So, on a whim, I decide plug it in. I would encourage you to try it too:

import antigravity

Spoiler: python antigravity easter egg as evidenced in python’s source code (circa 2008)